Warmly welcomed and well-cared for as always!
Christian H.

May 16, 2024
Dr. Eric Mission is a consummate professional, his attention to detail is amazing. I trust him implicitly with all my dental needs. Also he is a super nice fellow.
Alison F.

May 10, 2024
Amazing, compassionate care!
Eileen S.

May 08, 2024
Always feel like I’m getting expert care and am a valued patient and friend. In a world where you can’t trust a lot of people, Dr. Morrison is a treasure. My highest personal recommendation for him and his staff!
Frances T.

Apr 20, 2024
I am so happy I found Dr. Morrison! The office is clean and cozy, I love the warm towels, I feel heard and cared for as a patient. And Dawn, our friend at the front desk, is very dependable. They make a great team!
Mykira B.

Mar 06, 2024
Top Notch Patient Care and Professional Competence—I Totally Recommend Drs. Morrison and Team!
Stephen B.

Mar 02, 2024
Did you ever say it was nice going to the dentist? You will if you see Dr Morrison and his team. From the wonderful front office organization Dawn provides, the dental support staff, and the excellent service by Dr. Morrison, who is so gentle in patient care, both to the person and in their dental work. Well done to Dr Morrison and his team!
Jan W.

Feb 19, 2024
Doctor Morrison and his staff are phenomenal. Professional, courteous, very thorough, and most personal. They treat you like family rather than as customers. Best dentistry association I have ever seen
John T.

Feb 17, 2024
I received excellent treatment with my visit at Morrison Dentistry with a gentle touch. I appreciated information on the status of my dental health and the friendly and welcoming attitudes of everyone in the office.
Susan E.

Feb 17, 2024
Dr. Morrison and team are the absolute best. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone with complete confidence. There’s nothing I take more seriously than my dental hygiene / health, and I know that I’m always in the best of hands (both literally and figuratively) with Dr. Morrison.
Robert M.

Feb 08, 2024
Dr. Morrison is one of the best dentist that I have gone to.. his work is phenomenal and he makes sure you are as comfortable as possible during your dental procedures.. and thank you to Dawn she always sends you plenty of reminders for your scheduled appointments and always very friendly.. I would highly recommend this office to my friends..
LaBrenda N.

Feb 04, 2024
Dr Morrison was the most comprehensive exam and diagnosis I have had in my 40 years of having adult teeth. He found and properly diagnosed a problem that 12 other dentists had not been able to identify. Best of the best.
Darrin D.

Feb 04, 2024

"Received the best cleaning from Dr. Morrison! He is thorough and compassionate. He's the best Dentist I've seen yet. His staff is astute, professional, and good-natured! All around good customer service. Highly recommend Dr. Morrison!"

Nneka F.

"Once I stepped in Dr. Morrison's office I knew that I will be treated with excellent care, love, and gentleness. The entire staff is FIVE STARS! I recommend Dr. Morrison with all my heart."

Pawel S.

"Dr. Morrison is incredibly nice and honest. Just as important, he is remarkably thorough and spares no time or efforts to do things properly. I highly recommend his services."

John D.